Our Story

We are On a mission to save the earth


Yep, Our ambition is big.

We're on a mission to switch you and everyone you know to clean, renewable energy. How do we do that? By making renewable energy as cheap as conventional energy. Because why should we pay more to heal the world, right? And no, it's not impossible.

We invest time and sweat to improve our technology and we automate processes, which allows us to reduce costs. All these saving is passed on to our users and is reflected in their invoices. We all care deeply about technology and what we can do to save earth. That's why we created Flo.

What makes Flo different from other retailers?

We're cleaner, greener and cheaper. Apart from saving earth for future generations, think about the money you can save just by switching to renewable energy. You'll sleep in peace, knowing your nightlight is saving the earth and your pocket.

We are also fully committed to making clean, renewable electricity available for everyone. We do not offer conventional plans or carbon-neutral plans; we offer only 100% renewable electricity plans.

Our story 🌱

Flo was co-founded by friends Matthijs Guichelaar and Ernst Westendorp in sunny Singapore, where they saw a pressing need for affordable renewable energy to speed up the global energy transition.

Before co-founding Flo, Matthijs had already dipped his toes in the green energy world by starting Amsterdam-based Vandebron in 2013, which Dutch energy giant E.ON acquired in 2019. Meanwhile, Ernst had been busy working for a big Dutch company in Singapore, gaining valuable experience in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for over a decade.

Spotting a gap in the market, Matthijs decided to join Ernst in Singapore, invested their savings into Flo, and built a team from scratch to make renewable energy affordable and accessible to all. Along the way, they met people who shared their passion for the environment and technology. Flo quickly grew from a team of two to a hundred in three years.

To achieve our mission to switch as many people as possible to renewable energy, we need to think bigger beyond just one country. That’s why in 2023, we decided to expand to Australia and opened our second APAC office in not-so-sunny Melbourne.

Scaling our mission globally

We have built a big team, but we have an even bigger mission.

To continue fulfilling our mission, we welcomed Vitol to help power our growth into new markets. Vitol is a world leader in energy and has served global energy markets for over 55 years. The investment from Vitol helps us scale our mission globally, ultimately helping us make renewable electricity affordable and simpler for everyone.

The best part? We still get to do things our way as Vitol is not involved in our operations. Flo’s Australian leadership team has extensive energy experience and is equipped with local knowledge and global support to bring you the product and experience you deserve.

A collage of team photos at Flo

Meet the team

Behind Flo is a team of passionate engineers, data scientists & more all working together, who started out in a dingy shophouse in Amoy Street. We come from different walks of life with various expertise and working towards the same vision: switching people and businesses to clean renewable energy. We are passionate about what we do, and we are always looking for team members who share our vision.

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