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Harness the power of the sun

Maximise your under-utilised roof space and generate solar energy to power your operations with Flo Solar Solutions. Enjoy affordable solar tariff through a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at a huge discount to the market electricity rate from the grid.

Zero CAPEX. Zero risk.

With expensive initial costs and regular maintenance fees, many businesses think the costs of deploying on-site solar PV systems outweigh its benefits, despite its massive potential on our sunny island of Singapore.

At Flo, we are determined to help businesses discover and tap into the potential of on-site solar energy. That's why we launched Flo Solar Solutions. All initial investments from panel procurement, paperwork, financing, and installations will be handled by Flo. We will also conduct hassle-free regular maintenance at no cost to ensure peak performance.

Key Benefits


Zero Investments

Flo will finance and install the solar PV systems at no cost to you.


Guaranteed Savings

Our solar tariff is much lower than SP Tariff and grid electricity rates.


Simple and Transparent

Monitor your solar production on the Flo Account Dashboard.


Avoid Extra Charges

Solar tariff is exempted from any Third-Party Charges and Carbon Tax.


Greenmark certification

Solar PPA helps you attain credits towards BCA GreenMark Certification.


Lease Extension*

*For JTC tenant, solar PPA can help you to extend your lease.

Get started with free consultation and no obligations


Register your interest

Reach out to your Flo Account Manager, and we will conduct site visit to ensure the viability.


Power purchase agreement

Receive a Power Purchase Agreement which lays out the solar tariff and terms of the contract.


Installation & Turn on

Once the PPA is signed, we will start the installation process and turn on. Enjoy the solar energy!

Simple and transparent

We aim to make solar PV deployment as simple and transparent as possible, allowing your business to enjoy greater savings on electricity bills and contribute toward a more sustainable future.

Solar Dashboard

solar dashboard

Monitor your solar production on the Flo Account Dashboard.


One Utility Bill

Receive one bill for solar and grid electricity (optional).

Get in touch and start saving

Reach out to your Account Manager to find out more or leave a message using the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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