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Our mission

We are on a mission to save the earth

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Yep, Our ambition is big

We're on a mission to switch you and everyone you know to clean, renewable energy. How do we do that? By making renewable energy as cheap as conventional energy. Because why should we pay more to heal the world, right? And no, it's not impossible.

Taking examples from Singapore's Smart Nation Initiative, we invest in our technology and automate processes, which allows us to reduce costs. All these savings are passed on to our members and reflected in their invoices. We all care deeply about technology and what we can do to save the earth. That's why we created Flo.


What makes Flo different from other retailers?

We're cleaner, greener, and cheaper. Apart from saving the earth for future generations, think about the money you can save just by switching to renewable energy. You'll sleep in peace, knowing your nightlight is saving the earth and your pocket.

We are also fully committed to making clean, renewable electricity available for everyone. We do not offer conventional plans or carbon-neutral plans; we offer only 100% renewable electricity plans.

It means when you switch to Flo, you are supporting the transition from conventional to clean and sustainable energy, as laid out on the Singapore Green Plan.

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Get to know us a little better

We're a fast-growing energy company that supplies 100% renewable electricity in Singapore, and soon, the world.

Behind this company is a team of passionate engineers, data scientists & more all working together, who started in a dingy shophouse in Amoy Street. We're building a different kind of electricity retailer: the best digital energy retailer imaginable that supplies simple, green, and cheap energy.

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This is only the beginning

Our attempts to save the earth begin small, in sunny Singapore, where our hearts are. The energy market needs to change, moving away from expensive rates, dirty energy, poor customer service, and a myriad of other problems. That's why we were born: to lead this change.

Private cars, public transportation, corporate offices, home-based businesses, large-scale manufacturers, and even your favourite little ice-cream shop, we aim to power them all with clean, renewable electricity.


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Leave it to us

We'll let your supplier know you're leaving and handle your switch

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You'll always have power

Your electricity will always flow, even when you're switching to Flo

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No Hidden Fees

We don't like hidden fees either, so we got rid of them


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