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What makes us green?

We only supply certified 100% renewable electricity to our members. Renewable electricity comes from resources that are constantly replenished, like sunlight, wind, and water. A zero-carbon way to produce electricity.

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What is the difference between our plans and other green plans?

Most electricity retailers with “green” electricity plans in Singapore are actually selling you carbon-neutral electricity. A scheme where your money still goes to a gas plant and gas is burned to generate electricity.

The only difference is that they also invest a very small percentage of your money by buying carbon credits and investing in projects that offset greenhouse gases and carbon (CO2) created at the gas plant. So you see, there's no transition to clean, renewable electricity at all. We leave it up to you to judge how “green” these plans actually are.

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Verified and certified

Every unit of energy we purchase comes with a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), standard and always. These certificates certify that all the energy we acquire is purchased from legitimate local renewable generators or that a unit is produced and put on the grid by renewable generators in the region.

For every megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable electricity that renewable generators put onto the grid, they receive a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). Green retailers like us buy these RECs from generators to match the amount of electricity we buy, allowing us to claim the ownership and supply of renewable electricity.



Flo buys only regional RECs that are certified and accredited by The International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC). I-REC is a non-profit organization that provides a robust attribute tracking standard, ensuring our RECs are legit of the highest quality and avoid double counting. This way, renewable generators can only sell their energy once, making sure it's happening fair and square for all.


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Supplying energy to you

The truth is that the electricity coming into your business won't change when you switch retailers. It’s all delivered through the national power grid, a melting pot of different types of electricity. The grid takes all of the electricity generated from different sources and moves it around Singapore according to demand.

The green bit happens at the other end when retailers are buying your electricity supply.

For every unit of electricity we supply from the grid, we invest in the generation of another unit of renewable electricity to take its place.

This means you are investing in green energy generation, increasing the amount and percentage of renewables in the grid. Your money goes directly to the generators themselves, helping them to grow and generate more affordable green energy to power the whole of Singapore.


The Green Claim

Remember the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) that we covered just now? It certifies that the energy that we supply to you comes from 100% renewable sources, therefore you can claim that your business runs on certified 100% renewable electricity.

Every year, we report to you the amount and the source of RECs we’ve purchased. You can also use it to inform your customers that they are supporting a green business 🌱



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