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Flokk is a seating manufacturer and retailer, offering high-quality and sustainable seating solutions for both retail customers and workplaces. Flokk's commitment to sustainability extends seamlessly throughout the lifecycle of their products and their, embodying a holistic approach from manufacturing to disassembly.

Flokk’s seating products are meticulously designed with minimal parts, allowing easy disassembly and repair. This aligns seamlessly with Flok's dedication to the circular economy, fostering the reuse and remanufacture of chair parts into new products. Flokk also utilises renewable energy to power their manufacturing facilities in Europe.

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Flokk Singapore Showroom

Flokk is located at 3 Teck Lim Road in the Keong Saik neighbourhood, which is managed by The Working Capitol.

Sustainability is one of the core focus of the space, demonstrated through the implementation of eco-friendly practices. The use of a centralised air conditioning system promotes energy efficiency, and the space layout strategically incorporates expansive windows spanning from the back to the front to facilitate natural ventilation. A significant portion of the furnitures are also repurposed, ranging from office tables to the kitchen table at the forefront. This allows Flokk to set up the space quickly while minimising their environmental impact by avoiding excessive use of new resources.

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It's excellent news for us because Flokk’s ethos back in Europe is to be as sustainable as possible using 100% renewable energy. The fact that we can do this in Singapore is an amazing opportunity for us

Chiraag Sehvani
Head of Retail, Flokk Asia

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Transition to Renewable

Flo is working together with The Working Capitol to transition their properties to renewable energy, which includes Flokk Singapore showroom. We are excited to support The Working Capitol and Flokk to contribute to the cleaner energy transition in Singapore.

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