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The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol is a coworking space in Singapore, focusing specifically on shop houses, adopting a neighborhood-centric approach. TWC’s core philosophy is adaptive reuse – a sustainable approach that revitalizes old shophouses, infusing them with new purpose and vitality. Their commitment to adaptive reuse offers an alternative to conventional Grade A buildings. This aligns with TWC’s idea that the greenest building is one that already exists, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

By future-proofing conservation architecture and adapting these properties to cater to modern users, TWC offer versatile spaces that accommodate a range of needs, from solopreneurs to larger enterprises with up to 200 people. TWC also integrates retail spaces and F&B tenants on the ground floor, creating a vibrant and collaborative environment that goes beyond traditional coworking spaces.

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Community and Collaborations

TWC extends its community to about 30 other properties in the vicinity, offering customized solutions for enterprises while ensuring access to the central hub at 1 Keong Saik. Collaborations with local artists for murals and events like neighbourhood events reflect TWC's commitment to fostering community engagement and creating a vibrant, interconnected neighborhood. Their ongoing initiatives aim to bring people together, activate spaces, and contribute to the overall vitality of the community.

We have a sizeable portfolio of about 30 properties, and Flo helped us assess each individual property and how we could transition that to a more sustainable solution

Ben Gattie CEO, The Working Capitol

Diverse Clientele

TWC prides itself on a diverse clientele, from local SMEs to global enterprises like Cariuma and sustainability champions such as Unravel Carbon. For the F&B sector, TWC brings together an array of establishments, including renowned names like Shake Shack and boutique operators like She Suzette and Foxtail, and sustainability advocates like Potato Head, who has been part of the community for nearly a decade. TWC strives to enhance the retail landscape further by attracting brands like Monocle Eyewear and Coach, fostering brand activations in both retail spaces and public areas.

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Sustainability Commitment

The Working Capitol works with sustainable providers to furnish their spaces, such as Flokk and Ecopex. By opting for high-quality furnitures and a leasing model, TWC avoids creating unnecessary demand for cheap, mass-produced items, emphasising both environmental sustainability and responsible consumption.

TWC's commitment to sustainability goes beyond the workspace. Their recent collaboration with Cream of The Crop at 89 Neil Road resulted in a greening initiative and rewilding in an urban setting. Their approach involves selecting local plant species that attract specific birds and butterflies, creating a harmonious and vibrant ecosystem.

TWC is also partnering with one of their tenants, Unravel Carbon to reduce their carbon emission. Unravel Carbon is an enterprise solutions that help businesses manage, monitor, measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions across their value chain with AI. TWC strives to be the most sustainable coworking space in Singapore, and the partnership with Unravel Carbon is a testament to their commitment to sustainability.

Once we heard of Flo Energy, we were just very excited by the proposition that you could get pricing on par, but have a more sustainably sourced solution. For us, that was very attractive.

Ben Gattie CEO, The Working Capitol

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Switching to Renewable Energy

Flo is proud to help The Working Capitol transition their properties to clean renewable energy. TWC sees this transition as an opportunity to align economic considerations with environmentally conscious practices.

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TWC's commitment to sustainability also attracts individuals who shares the same passion for the environment. Their adaptive reuse ideology has garnered attention, with more people recognising the significance of sustainability and community. With a community driven by sustainability at its core, TWC continues to lead the way in creating environmentally conscious and operationally efficient workspaces for the future.

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While we want to make the best efforts to move towards sustainable solutions, it also needs to be price competitive to align with our value proposition. We were just delighted to find out that Flo could support us on all those fronts. Across the different departments. It's been a pleasure working with Flo

Ben Gattie
CEO, The Working Capitol

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